The Magic of Orthodontic Archwires Transforming Smiles, One Wire at a Time

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As the saying goes “An attractive smile makes a lasting impression!”

Dental health or Dental hygiene is a critical part of human health.

Dental health involves the proper cleaning of your teeth, healthy diet and regular visits to the dentist.  You can avoid most tooth diseases by ensuring you give your dental health priority.

Keeping your teeth white is a serious issue for most people today and the market is flooded with dental hygiene products to give you those coveted flawless teeth.

There are several dental materials and supplies available in the market for preventing and treating various dental related diseases. Dental materials are used in routine and anticipatory dentistry, orthodontics, home care and other fields of dentistry.

Dental material tools include tools for drilling, toothbrushes and gels, tooth whiteners, tongue scrapers, flosses and mouth wash, casting and curative materials.

The most common dental materials like toothbrushes-gels and mouth wash can be sourced at a local grocery store or a pharmacy. But the more technical dental materials are used by mainly dentists.

There are several dental supply companies selling various dental materials.

The success of a dentist’s practice depends on the quality of the care he provides his patients. To assist him in performing his work, he must ensure that he invests in the best quality dental supplies and dental materials.

From our beginnings as a home-based business to a nationally ranked dental supply distributor, we understand the pains of both the start-up practice and the booming clinic looking to scale their dental craft to the masses.

Dental materials are in their hundreds and for today’s piece, we shall focus on finishing and polishing dental materials.

  • Acrylic Adjusting & Polishing Classic Plastic HP Kit
  • Alpen Brush Polishing Kit
  • Alpen Ceramic Polishing Kit

1. Acrylic Adjusting & Polishing Classic Plastic HP Kit

Acrylic Adjusting and Polishing Kits are a complete chairside or lab system for adjusting and polishing acrylic resin denture materials or any acrylic appliance.

  • Handpiece shank kit
  • Carbide burs for smooth, fast adjustment
  • AcryPoints are impregnated with high quality abrasives.

2. Alpen Brush Polishing Kit

Alpen polishing brushes integrate fine grit silicon carbide polishing powder into thin, smooth bristles so that no polishing paste is required. The Alpen Polishing brushes can easily polish those restoration areas that are hard to reach -such as fissures and interdental spaces – within seconds without flattening the surface unnaturally. The kit includes Alpen Polisher, a Wide Cup, and more

3. Alpen Ceramic Polishing Kit

The Alpen Ceramic Polishing kit makes finishing and polishing easy and intuitive. It can also be used to polish a variety of tooth surfaces. Use the Alpen Ceramic Polishers to shape and shine your crown to a mirror finish.

  • Special combination of selected diamond grits and soft silicone bond
  • Replaces conventional brushes and cotton buffs


Dentists and technicians need the right dental materials, equipment and supplies to perform their job efficiently and effectively. But with this comes the pressure to also stay under budget, as dental supplies are expensive and equipment involved is often of very high value costing thousands of pounds. It is important to do your due diligence by researching suppliers who can not only offer quality equipment but sell at affordable rates.

When choosing the right dental materials, it is important to stay heads above water and get the best supplier.

At Sky Dental, we provide our customers with the most up to date information and tools in the dental world. Sky Dental Supply has been helping dental professionals make beautiful smiles since 2001. so, let us put a smile on your face today, so you can do the same for the rest of humanity. Sky Dental Supply, we are in this together. Let’s make the world smile.

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