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Why Heather and White Dental & Orthodontic Supplies is a leading Company in the Region

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Welcome to the forefront of dental innovation! At Heather and White Dental & Orthodontic Supplies, we take pride in being at the cutting edge of the orthodontic and dental industry. In this blog post, we explore the latest trends shaping the field and how they are revolutionizing patient care and practitioner experiences.

1. State-of-the-Art Materials:

Orthodontic and dental appliances have come a long way from traditional materials. Today, practitioners have access to state-of-the-art materials that prioritize both functionality and aesthetics. From Advance material is aesthetic braces such as perfect 2 clear brackets From Osstem Implants to Crown tech 3D material for permanent crown from Saremco Orthodontics to high-performance composite materials for dental restorations, our commitment to quality materials ensures that practitioners can provide the best for their patients.

2. Saremco Print CROWNTEC Highlights:

Versatile Applications:
⦁ Ideal for crafting permanent crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, and robust denture teeth.
⦁ Suitable for temporary bridges.
Aesthetic Excellence:
⦁ Boasts highly esthetic one-phase material with precisely matched opacity.
Biocompatible Assurance:
⦁ Demonstrates exceptional biocompatibility, ensuring no elutable substances in aqueous environments.
⦁ Ready to use, eliminating the need for pre-mixing.
Extended Shelf Life:
⦁ Guarantees a total shelf life of 4 years.
Robust Mechanical Properties:
⦁ Exhibits flexural strength surpassing 135 MPa on average.
⦁ E-Modulus exceeds 4000 MPa.
Refinement Option:
⦁ Allows for further refinement using Saremco els paintart.

Saremco Crowntec

3. Perfect Clear Braces:

Perfect Clear 2, a ceramic twin bracket, stands out as the clearest in its category, offering outstanding outcomes with unique features. Outperforming its predecessor, Perfect Clear 2 boasts increased strength and brilliance, featuring a thicker tie-wing radius. Crafted from monocrystalline material, it achieves near invisibility on teeth, providing a cosmetic advantage that sets it apart from other brackets.

Perfect 2 Clear Brackets

4. Innovative Aligner Pliers:

⦁ The Torque Aligner Plier “Horizontal”
Navigating the realm of orthodontics, the challenge of achieving torque is heightened by the inherent flexibility of materials at the gingival margins.
OP743: precision redefined. With a 0.75 x 1.5mm horizontal indentation, it creates a focused force point for unmatched control in lingual or labial root torque during orthodontic procedures.
⦁ The Rotation Aligner Plier “Vertical”
Achieving rotational control with aligners can pose challenges, particularly on laterals, where limited surface contact area exists between the aligner and tooth.
OP745 – innovating tooth rotation optimization. Crafted to perfection, this instrument creates a precise vertical indentation and force point (0.75 x 1.5mm) on the tooth surface.
⦁ The Retention Aligner Plier
Leverage the power of precision with the OP744.
Specifically designed for use at the gingival margin and interdental papilla, this instrument excels in creating a 1mm circular indentation.
⦁ The Tear Drop Plier
The Tear Drop Plier – a versatile solution for Class II and III treatment, space closure, and more. With a precision cut at the gingival margin, it conveniently holds elastics in place during aligner placement.
Elevate your orthodontic approach with this efficient and effective OP742 tool.
⦁ The Hole Punch Plier
Our OP741 Hole Punch – the perfect complement to tear-drop hooks for elastics. This precision tool creates a half-circle cut-out in aligners, providing clearance for attachments and preventing potential irritation


5. Beauty Classic Brackets ( MIM Technology ):

⦁ Our manufacturing facility, equipped with a specialized Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) process, allows us to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices, regardless of the specific orthodontic specifications involved.
⦁ Our expertise in utilizing the Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) process has led to the development of the Orthox series of brackets, positioning us as innovators in the orthodontic product landscape.
⦁ The MIM process provides design flexibility and cost-effective solutions for intricate parts with precise dimensions and tolerances. It stands out as a superior alternative to investment cast, die casting, and conventional press and sinter methods, offering time and cost savings at every production stage. This technology is particularly beneficial for orthodontic brackets characterized by small size and intricate shapes, where the finished parts weigh less than 100 grams.
⦁ MIM achieves high densities up to 99.5% and ensures smoother surface finishes directly from the mould cavity, contributing to the production of top-quality orthodontic products.

Beauty Metal Brackets Main Image


As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of orthodontic and dental supplies, Heather and White remains dedicated to providing top-notch products that empower practitioners and delight patients. Join us in embracing these trends and elevating your practice to new heights.

Visit our booth SR J04 at AEEDC 2024 to experience our latest innovations firsthand or explore our website to discover a comprehensive range of orthodontic and dental supplies that cater to your practice’s unique needs.

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