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Airo Strips

AIRO Strips

Revolutionize Orthodontic Care Worldwide with AIRO Strips. AIRO Strips are not just strips; they’re a global movement in orthodontics. Across the world, orthodontic professionals and patients are embracing AIRO Strips for a new era of comfort, precision, and aesthetics in clear aligner treatments.

Interproximal Diamond Bur

Interproximal Bur

Celebrating Excellence in Dental Care with Interproximal Burs. At Heather and white, we take pride in being the global leader in supplying Interproximal Burs, the essential tools that redefine precision and efficiency in dental and orthodontic procedures. Our Interproximal Burs are trusted by dental professionals and practices worldwide, offering a level of quality and performance that sets a new standard in patient care.

Interproximal Stripper Kit

Interproximal Stripper Kit

Elevate Dental Precision with Our World-Class Interproximal Stripper Kit. Introducing the pinnacle of dental precision and versatility – our Interproximal Stripper Kit, designed to excel on a global scale. This kit is a game-changer in dental and orthodontic procedures, redefining the way professionals approach interproximal enamel reduction, contouring, and restorative work.

Stripping Discs

Stripping Discs

Experience Unmatched Dental Precision with Stripping Discs. Unveil a new era of precision in dental and orthodontic procedures with our world-renowned Stripping Discs. These cutting-edge instruments are designed to excel on a global scale, offering dental professionals the ability to achieve precise enamel reduction, contouring, and restorative work with unparalleled accuracy.

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