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An orthodontics supplier is a company that provides products, materials, and equipment used by orthodontists and dental professionals for orthodontic treatments. These supplies may include braces, wires, bands, instruments, and other orthodontic devices.

Orthodontics suppliers offer a wide range of products, including traditional braces, clear aligners, orthodontic wires, bands, brackets, adhesives, dental tools, impression materials, and more.

You can find reputable orthodontics suppliers by conducting online research, reading customer reviews, asking for recommendations from colleagues in the dental industry, and attending dental trade shows or conferences.

While there may be some overlap, orthodontic suppliers typically specialize in products and materials specific to orthodontics, whereas dental suppliers offer a broader range of dental equipment and supplies for various dental procedures.

Yes, Heather and White offers the convenience of online ordering through their website, where you can browse their catalog and place orders.

You can contact Heather and White by phone at 04-566 0112, via email at, or through their online contact form. They also have customer support representatives available during business hours.

Our Mission to Provide Dentist With Quality & Cost Effective Dental Products

Provides a Comprehensive Orthodontic Product Line

Differentiation Reliability, Customer Service and Quality

The simple yet comprehensive orthodontic mini implant system for an infnite number of anchorage applications. We have strived for absolute perfection from the design stage to the manufacturing of the Infnitas Mini Implant system. In essence, the Infnitas Mini Implant system has been designed by an orthodontist, for orthodontists, so that precise, reliable bone anchorage can be achieved using as simple a clinical process as possible. The Infnitas Mini Implant system has been designed with Dr. Richard Cousley, a Consultant Orthodontist working in the UK hospital service and private practice. Dr. Richard Cousley has published papers and lectured widely on the technical aspects of bone anchorage. He developed the Infnitas Mini Implant system to overcome some of the limitations of existing mini implants, especially in terms of their lack of insertion precision, attachment difculties and overly complex inventories. A combination of clinical and computerised trials have proven the Infnitas Mini Implant system to be reliable and to provide comfort to both patient and clinician. A versatile mini implant system ofers fxed anchorage to increase the efciency of orthodontic treatment. This is useful when you encounter the need for space closure, tooth uprighting, open bite correction, molar distalization, and a number of other applications. When deciding which mini implant to purchase, there are a number of considerations for the clinician: • How easily will auxiliaries such as closing coil springs or elastomeric chain attach to the head? • How comfortable will it be for the patient? • How easily will it integrate with my current treatment mechanics? • Will I need to drill a pilot hole or will the mini implant self-drill? These questions are all addressed with the sophisticated and intelligently designed Infnitas Mini Implant – the system of choice for many orthodontists.

The Infnitas System can be used to provide bone anchorage in virtually any maxillary/mandibular interproximal site and in the hard palate, although the most frequently utilised insertion site is buccal and mesial to the maxillary frst molar. The insertion site is determined by individual anchorage demands and anatomical factors (e.g. bone quantity, root and sinus positions). The exact insertion site is selected by studying each patient’s dental model and radiographs (OPT and/or periapical views) together.

Infnitas is the only truly complete system featuring mini implants combined with highly specialised instruments and a unique 3D guidance system. The stent contains a guide cylinder which accurately guides all instrumentation to the prescribed position. Patented stent components, available in the Infnitas Guidance Kit, simplify the production of a 3D stent and ensure efortless and accurate mini implant insertion in any location. ​ • Reproducible 3D insertion. • Provides stable insertion point (no slippage of implant tip on bone) during oblique insertion and especially helpful in difcult to access sites e.g. palate. • Reduces perforation risks. • Helpful for implant novices. • Prescribes insertion details for other clinicians. • Reduces surgery time & stress. • Available with round or square baseplates to suit clinician’s vacuum forming machine.

Speed Reducing Handpiece 128:1 For use with Infnitas mini inserts. Infnitas Mini Implants should be inserted at speeds not exceeding 100 RPM. See Infnitas Clinical Manual for full information. This speed reducing handpeice is compatible with both air motors and electric motors: Air Motors – set the speed to minimum (most operate on a minimum of 2000 RPM). This will result in an efective speed of 16 RPM. Electric Motors – set the speed to 2500 RPM and set torque to minimum. This will result in an efective speed of 19.5 RPM. *Check manufacturer’s instructions for exact information.

Introducing the ISD900 cordless screwdriver with Torque Calibration System (TCS) recommended for use with the Infnitas Mini Implant System mini components for all difcult access insertion sites. The ISD900 will guarantee precise torque control due to the unique NSK torque calibration system which is extremely easy to use. The ISD900 is very quiet and smooth running, patient friendly, lightweight and easy to handle due to the extension arm which enables the user to avoid lateral movements during insertion.

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